West Park Healthcare Centre Foundation

Enhancing the healing experience for the patients and their families

At West Park Health Care Centre, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers renovated the Patient and Visitor Neurological Rehab lounge located on the neurotrauma floor on 3EC in West Park's Main Building. The lounge provides a calming space for patients, their families and staff to relax and unwind.

O F F I C I A L  O P E N I N G  l

The lounge which officially opened on July 6, 2011 is decorated with modern seating and accessories, computer and desk, Canadian paintings, a flat panel TV, and Wii Gaming System. An outdoor balcony installation consists of tall modern black planters topped with river rocks, which showcase Canadian art: a metal "Tree of Life" sculpture, with roots that anchor to a piece of Canadian Shield (granite). This room reflects Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers' philosophy of giving back and theme of continued growth.

During the opening ceremony, James C. Murphy, Executive Director, kindly thanked the firm by saying: "This gift will help West Park optimize our care environment and it will help patients fulfill that ambition, their highest hopes of going home rehabilitated and well. So thank you Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers for helping West Park patients on the road to recovery."

We were fortunate to be joined at the lounge unveiling by a number of West Park staff including

  • John LaFramboise, President and CEO, West Park Health Care Foundation

  • Mike Fenton, Director, Principal Gifts

  • James Murphy, Executive Director

  • Dave Ursomarzo, Director, Donor Relations

  • Jennifer Rasca, Development Officer, Signature Events

  • Henry Zajac, Senior Development Officer

  • Dr. Peter Derkach

  • Pamela Madan-Sharma, Manager, Amputee Services

  • Anne Rendall, Development Officer, Database Management

  • Lijeanne Lee, Development Officer, Communications

  • Jackie Monahan, Development Officer, Recognition

  • Lori Cardillo, Manager, Research

In discussing the inspiration to become involved with this project at West Park, Charles Gluckstein said: "The Gluckstein gift to West Park is a patient visitor lounge on the floor that deals with neuro rehabilitation. It is very important for our company to appreciate the services that West Park has provided to our clients over the years. We're thrilled to be able to give something back. When we heard that West Park was raising some money to increase their facilities and improve the services for their clients, we wanted to be involved and provide a special place for patients and families and even staff to be able to step out of the hospital environment. We hope that patients and their families will be able to enjoy the amenities in this lounge and we also hope that they will find that it provides them with some respite when dealing with all of the challenges inherent in brain injury recovery."

D E S I G N  A N D  R E N O V A T I O N  l

The redevelopment of the lounge was a huge project and we appreciated the guidance and patience of everybody at West Park who assisted us during the renovation process. We would like to express an extra special thank you to the following individuals who were a big help to us along the way

  • Designers: Letizia Petti & Nathalie Gluckstein

  • Dave Ursomarzo, Director, Donor Relations

  • Henry Zajac, Development Officer, Corporate Giving

  • Albert Browne, Earthwork Floral Design, Toronto

  • Kristi Schultz, The Office Source

  • Sue Umlauf, The Office Source

  • Gary Roberts, The Global Group, Furniture

  • Karin Kriekaard, Eclipse Art Gallery, Huntsville

N O T E S  O F  T H A N K S  l

"We love the lounge and are taking full advantage of it. Thank you again for creating such a beautiful space for our staff and patients." - Pamela Madam-Sharma, Manager, Amputee Services

"Staff are noting the patients are loving the Wii gaming system!"

"Dear Bernard, Charles, Nathalie and Letizia, Thank you once again for your support in West Park Healthcare Centre. The 3 East C Patient & Visitor Lounge looks fantastic and we know it will be a great room for both the patients and their families, which they will appreciate for years to come." - Jennifer Tasca, Development Officer, Signature Events

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