Bar And Tavern Liability

Despite decades of public information campaigns, people still sometimes drive under the influence in Ontario. Most of their fellow drivers and passengers arrive home safe and sound, never knowing the risk created by the driver who shared the road with them. For some families, however, their loved one never makes it home because a drunk driver causes Personal Injury or death to their loved one.

The law takes drunk driving seriously. For that reason victims of drunk drivers have legal options to support their family's rebuilding after injury. Holding bar and tavern owners responsible for over-serving patrons is one potential legal option. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we can help you make sense of what you can do legally and give your family practical legal support during a time of great uncertainty.

Legal Support After A Drunk Driving Collision

Entire communities must be diligent to prevent the hazards of drunk driving. This includes liquor-serving establishments that make a profit on the sale of alcohol. If a bar or pub provides too much alcohol to a patron, or fails to take appropriate steps to prevent the patron from getting behind the wheel, it may be held legally responsible for the Personal Injuries that result when that patron leaves the bar and causes a collision.

Bar and tavern liability is in many ways an evolving area of the law. Lawsuits advanced on this basis are often time-consuming, complex, costly and emotional. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we are committed to being with you and your family full circle, from accident, rehabilitation, recovery and beyond. We will take the time to inform you about your legal options and work with you to execute them.

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