Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents

It is a sad fact that choosing to walk or ride a bicycle in Ontario makes you a target for careless drivers on the road or in parking lots and driveways. Often, these collisions are especially tragic, as without the protection of a car people are thrown great distances at high speeds. Recovery from the resulting head injuries and spinal cord injuries, or from other major injuries, can be long and forever change your way of life.

Gluckstein Lawyers is more than a law firm; we are a source of support and information for people living with Personal Injury. Our bike accident lawyers, in Toronto, Niagara and working throughout Ontario, are here to make the legal process less intimidating and to be your advocates in the face of overwhelming opposition.

Legal Guidance After Personal Injury

Recovery is the central focus of someone living with Personal Injury. As a result of being unable to work or earn a living while medical expenses rise, many people are left with uncertainties that go beyond their medical treatment. Someone who was not driving when he or she was in a collision can have understandable confusion about his or her legal options.

Gluckstein Lawyers can give answers to these questions. We will discuss your eligibility for insurance benefits. If the person who hit you was uninsured, or if you were struck by a vehicle that is unidentified because it left the scene, we will take you through the options you have. In the case of serious accident injury, we will discuss whether a lawsuit is the right choice to meet your and your family's needs.

Contact Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers

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