Motorcycle Accidents

When a vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the rider can be seriously hurt. Even all the right safety gear, cautious riding and following the rules of the road may not be enough to prevent injury. Unlike a car driver, a motorcycle rider is exposed and physically vulnerable.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you deserve the freedom to put your recovery first. When your insurer denies you benefits, delays payment or gives you less than what you need to get better, you do have legal recourse. Gluckstein Lawyers' motorcycle accident team in Toronto and Niagara can give you the support and advocacy you need.

Informed Lawyers Who Know Motorcycling

Motorcycle accidents often result in Personal Injury, including head or spinal cord trauma, broken bones and joint injury. Riders often experience road rash, a skin abrasion from contact with the road surface at high speed. Road rash can result in heavy bleeding and permanent scars.

Insurers will sometimes deem a rider to be partially at fault for the collision, not knowing that the rider's actions may in fact have been blameless and may have prevented more substantial injury. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we have an experienced group of accident counsel who understand the unique mechanics of motorcycle collisions. As you are healing from your injuries, we can stand up for your legal rights.

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