Toronto Amputation Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury impacts every part of your life. When your injury results in the loss of a limb, it can be a long emotional and physical road to recovery. You should have access to a full network of resources that will assist with your medical, rehabilitative and personal needs as you transition to life after your injury.

At our firm, we strive to help you full circle, through all aspects of your recovery. We have not only the legal knowledge to advance your interests in a complex court system, but also an in-house medical/rehabilitative consultant working for you and your legal team every step of the way. Gluckstein Lawyers is committed to helping you access the right medical care while providing strong legal advocacy.

Legal Advocacy In The Face Of Personal Injury

When an unexpected event, such as a vehicle collision or sporting accident, results in the loss of a limb or other severe injury, there are many legal options available to the injured person. Ontario no-fault accident benefits will provide some compensation if the injury was caused by a car accident. If the injury happened because someone was negligent, either in a car or in some other way, it may be right for the injured person to sue.

Your legal options will depend on the nature of your amputation injury and the circumstances that led to the unfortunate event. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we will walk you through each stage of the litigation, so you know what to expect in a legal case. We will give you the information you need to ease your worries about your medical care and financial responsibilities. Ultimately, you come first at our firm.

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