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If a loved one is living with brain injury, you may see this as a personal experience. Brain injury will manifest in unique ways for each individual person. Family members are called upon to provide care and support in a time of great uncertainty, and may be overwhelmed by practical concerns that interfere with their ability to devote their full attention to their loved one.

Often, families need support. At Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, support is what we provide, to clients and their families. The needs of our clients come first at our firm. Gluckstein Lawyers is a Toronto practice dedicated to removing barriers for injured people, so that the care they need is accessible when they need it most. As part of our commitment to those facing these unique challenges, we are extensively involved with not-for-profit organizations that support people with brain injury.

Early Signs Of Brain Injury

Brain injury has far-reaching effects. Subtle and obvious changes in personality, mood and cognitive challenges may arise before a brain injury has even been diagnosed. Once proper assessment is achieved, it can lead to a course of treatment that involves long-term and life-changing rehabilitation.

Brain injury manifests as many possible symptoms. Mild brain injury or concussion can cause headaches, dizziness, concentration problems, nausea, light sensitivity, mood changes or fatigue, among others. Moderate to severe brain injury can cause severe confusion, agitation, unusual behaviour, weakness in the extremities, loss of coordination, convulsions or seizures, among others, all of which can arise in the first few hours after injury occurs.

Legal Advocates For Injured People

Brain injury legal cases are complex and many issues must be resolved. These include identification of the negligent parties, the cause of the brain injury and the anticipated long-term impact on the individual and his or her family. The ultimate goal at Gluckstein Lawyers is to place our clients in the most favourable position possible to meet their future needs, so they can look ahead to a future life of dignity and well-being.

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