Spinal Cord Injury

After an accident, transition to life with a spinal cord injury can be challenging. With the right support from treatment providers, family members and loved ones, those with spinal injury can see the way forward. In order to ensure the best possible opportunities, families often look to receive the best medical care, rehabilitation therapies and psychological support.

Gluckstein Lawyers works hard on behalf of families, by providing advocacy within the medical system and in courts of law. Our firm has been doing this work for over a half-century, and our team members are known advocates in the area of neuro-litigation. From Toronto and Niagara we help many Ontario families to rebuild after the onset of Personal Injury.

Accessing Resources After Paralysis-Causing Accidents

Recovering from spinal cord injury is complex legally; it also causes major changes in home life and recreational pursuits. For some, going back to a former job is no longer possible, and retraining is necessary. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we work closely with families to help make the transition from hospital to home easier, by helping them access the physical supports, home and vehicle modifications, and ongoing vocational therapy needed to sustain quality of life.

Our firm has a sizeable team of dedicated lawyers and licensed law clerks, as well as an in-house medical/rehabilitation consultant, who can help answer your questions and guide you through all aspects of your recovery. At Gluckstein Lawyers, clients come first.

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