Product Liability

When you buy a product from a store, an auto dealership or from anyone else who sells goods to consumers, you have the right to assume that product is safe. If you or a member of your family is seriously hurt because the product is defective, you do not need to handle it alone. You may have legal options that can give your family the support you need to heal from the injury.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we provide advocacy that makes a difference. Helping you and your family is our first priority. When you take the step of launching a product liability claim, you may be able to assist your family; you may also prevent injury from happening to someone else.

Advocates For People Living With Injury

Every day, Ontario families suffer from the ill effects of defective products that they use regularly, and trust to be safe for their loved ones. Diligent and proactive parents are not always able to protect their children from injury, despite the high level of care and attention they provide. Gluckstein Lawyers, in Toronto, Niagara and throughout the province, has been taking legal action on behalf of seriously injured people for more than five decades. Among the product liability cases we pursue are:

  • Dangerous or toxic foodstuffs
  • Unsafe toys
  • Unsafe children's products
  • Unsafe household appliances
  • Defective autos, air bags and car parts
  • Defective safety equipment
  • Toxic or unsafe house-building materials
  • Defective machinery
  • Defective recreational vehicles

The common thread in all of our cases is the fact that Personal Injury has resulted from a defective product. The company that put that product into the marketplace should take responsibility, so injured people and their families are not left on their own to recover.

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