Roger Shoreman | Senior Law Clerk

Roger brings more than 30 years of experience to his role as Senior Law Clerk at Gluckstein Lawyers. He has qualified as a Fellow of both the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario and the Institute of Legal Executives UK, earning fellowship certification in Contract Law, Torts, Criminal Law, e-discovery, and project management. He has taught the Institute of Law Clerks Civil Litigation program.

Areas of Expertise

Roger’s area of specialty is medical negligence and Personal Injury litigation. His responsibilities in medical cases and other types of litigation includes: analyzing complex medical and transactional records; retaining and briefing expert witnesses; coordinating demonstrative evidence; medical literature research for cross examination purposes; interviewing lay witnesses, and  drafting mediation materials.

Roger is dedicated to enhancing client’s cases through his preparatory skills and experience.

Roger has worked both for Defence firms representing Physicians in Ontario, and for almost ten years he assisted a number of leading Plaintiff’s Counsel while he operated his own freelance litigation support business.

Roger has assisted on a number of reported cases including:

  • Martin v Listowell Hospital (an obstetrical and neonatal transfer case) in which he retained and briefed many of the experts who testified at trial;
  • Kennedy v Waterloo Board of Education (a motorcycle Personal Injury accident occurring on school property) in which he briefed and retained forensic and parks and recreation experts as well as  most of the damages experts, who testified as to the needs of the catastrophically injured Plaintiff, and
  • MacGregor v Potts (an obstetrical negligence case)  in which he retained and briefed most of the liability and causation experts who ultimately testified at trial.

In Rimando v Jackiewicz which involved a post-partum fatality, Roger was involved extensively in the preparation for trial, and assisted at the trial.

In the reported Costs Decision in that case, Justice Joseph Quinn addressing the services Roger provided in that matter, stated among other things:

He is very experienced in collating documents, summarizing evidence, arranging diagrammatic and demonstrative evidence and assisting with the general preparation for trial. From 1994 until the present time, he has run his own litigation support business, specializing in Personal Injury and medical malpractice. I could go on.

His services included: reviewing medical reports and documents and preparing numerous chronological summaries; cross-referencing productions; preparing evidentiary spreadsheets; dealing with graphic designers in the preparation of the many time-lines used in the trial; attending trial and assisting with the computer projection of the medical records; and, assisting with the set up and use of the computer and video power point presentation of closing arguments.

I cannot be too effusive in my praise of the manner in which the medical evidence was organized and presented (and Mr. Shoreman played a significant role in that process). In addition, very detailed and colour coded time-lines were prepared tracing such things as blood pressure readings and medication given to Mrs. Rimando. All of this was immensely helpful in following the evidence and in appreciating the significance and interrelationship of the many medical events involved in her treatment.

The timelines to which Justice Quinn refers, were prepared by Roger, and required detailed analysis of the patient chart of all medications administered and blood pressures and other vital signs recorded. These were recorded throughout the chart. This required 100% accuracy for the demonstrative evidence to be entered as exhibits at trial.

Roger has conducted interviews and obtained evidence during trials that have resulted in their resolution. In an electrocution case, in which the Plaintiff suffered catastrophic injuries,  early one morning during the trial Roger interviewed a supervisor of a Hydro subsidiary who provided protocols that were also used by the defendants, that were not followed by the hydro provider in the case at trial, and obtained a statement that was devastating  to the  defence. The evidence was disclosed the same morning and the case settled in favor of the Plaintiff that same day.

Roger believes in treating client’s with respect and empathy, and opposing Counsel and their staff with professional courtesy and integrity.


  • Institute of Law Clerks (Fellow Member)

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