Peter graduated from High School!

Peter has graduated high school! A perfect opportunity to thank you (before the proud tears flow as I write.)

Gluckstein Lawyers is not a law firm but a family. We welcomed them into our  home to see how we lived our lives for many years with no direction.

When my family was in a car accident that left my then 8 year old son with a brain injury life became all about him. After many tests and doctor visits  with no results we found Gluckstein Lawyers and Dianne Henderson, in-house  Medical Consultant.

Our family dynamic changed, we had someone in our corner that understood. A  burden lifted from my heart.

Dianne is the most amazing tough, strong, energetic women who sees that life  is not always black and white.

She made us see that life with a brain injured child does not have to be all  about him but also about adjusting to the life we are living with a ABI  child. After accepting the fact that there is help and there is people who  understand, Charles made us his priority.

Charles is a very gentle soul. He makes you calm and confident. I feel we  were always on the same page. Through the years of this settlement Charles  was always one step ahead. I could not have asked for a better lawyer and  friend.

How to thank you in words seems so insignificant, heart felt thanks is  beyond enough. I have decided the best way to thank you is to refer you to  anyone I know that needs a family to help them through a Personal Injury  causing a law firm to be involved.

Dianne and Charles, with much admiration we thank you, 
— Cheryl, Greg, Peter Caperchione 
Nikki and Casey

Hi Cheryl, Peter and Greg,

Congratulations, Peter! We are all very proud of you. You are an extremely talented individual that can accomplish anything if you put your heart into it. We hope for great things from you in the future.

We hope that you will keep in touch with us to give us updates about what you are doing.

I really appreciate the letter.

— Charles