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" excellent representation, tireless effort"

l   27 July, 2015

Dear  David Lackman, Again we wish to thank you for your professionalism and tireless effort in bringing this matter to proper closure. It was also reassuring to receive your excellent representation and support during this difficult time. With warmest regards, S.&G.C.

"What I really feel from the bottom of my heart"

You may not know it but I was so fortunate to have the team I had. You all helped in my progress in leaps and bounds by encouraging me to keep my head up - with the understanding, kindness, laughter and strength each one of you brought into my life. I do understand that I still have a way to go, but I will do my very best to continue to move forward for me, my kids and for all the hard work and time you have put in... Would love to put this in real flowery words and language, but my mind tied tight with rubber bands will not let me go that far. So I hope I am able to express what I really feel from the bottom of my heart... Thank you always - Juliet

"the loudest, most exuberant applause"

Dear Mr. Gluckstein: During the final portion of the Toronto ABI Conference last November, I took a seat at a table of many survivors, some of whom I've known through BIST. When the acknowledgements were given to law firms and individuals who supported the event, you received the loudest and most exuberant applause from the survivors, several who remarked, "He's my lawyer!" Congratulations Mr. Gluckstein - after years of service, you clearly are a man who both prevails in the legal realm and really has a positive personal rapport and connection with your clients in order to receive that level of response. - Cynthia Sprigings

"the key player in helping us work through a horrendous situation"

Within a day of the event, Bernie Gluckstein had provided key leadership, made sure that the bases were covered, that all the people involved were given the support they required to deal with the incident, he directed us towards the resources we needed and made it clear that they would be by our side. The process was not brief but Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers were with us the entire way. Looking back a decade later, their guidance made a huge difference in the outcome of the settlement and the respect that was shown towards everyone. - Joseph G. Millage

"you guided us through the complicated legal process"

Charles, Words cannot be described how much you helped us when our family went through difficult problems due to a car accident and my husband sustained serious injuries.You guided us through the complicated legal process and achieved the best result we could have hoped for. I was much impressed. You were extremely conscientious, professional and supportive. I couldn't be more pleased with the way you represented us. I have nothing but the highest praise for how you handled the case. Thank you for all your help and support. We are grateful and would highly recommend him and his excellent services to any family that finds themselves in this position. - Evelyn & Lubomir Petzourov and Family

"I feel that you did everything possible"

"commitment, hard work and excellent legal skills"

Jonathan, I personally wanted to thank you for all your hard work in settling this case for my mother and our family. I recall your compassion for our story when we first presented it to you. At the time, we discussed the legal / financial compensation limitations on a case such as ours and although the expectations for both of us were quite low, you decided to accept our case. Due to your personal commitment, your hard work and your excellent legal skills, you have negotiated a substantially larger settlement than we could have hoped for. And complete closure in such a short time is such an unexpected gift as well. As both my mother and father would have observed, your strong personal and professional character will assure you continued success and I am certain, many more notes of gratitude such as this one. Sincerely, Luci L., San Diego, CA