T E S T I M O N I A L  l

"Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers guided us through the minefield of the legal system as we pursued retribution after my motor vehicle accident. Bernie and Dianne have also counselled us on supporting ourselves and each other during this trying time. They said to make sure that we protected each other and to take the time to enjoy each other.

We have enjoyed other things they have provided for us like brain injury discussions and conferences which has helped us/me to initiate and continue my rehabilitation.

I am not sure if we would have received the same type of personal attention elsewhere. They have become more than advisors and have kept in touch with us long after our settlement."

Shawn and Nancy Watters

P H O T O S l

Shawn Watters at Niagara Region Office with Dianne Henderson [left] and Bernard Gluckstein [right]

Shawn Watters