To Charles and Gluckstein,

Thank you very much for all your care and support !! Below I have written the reasons why I sincerely recommend your firm:

I truly empathize with anyone who needs to engage in a legal battle because of an illness, injury or accident . It is for this reason that I recommend GLUCKSTEIN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS.

I am an ABI survivor and had to engage in a 5 year battle with auto insurance after being injured in a car accident.

I want you to know that if you are at the stage of deciding to retain a lawyer for your fight, I suggest that you hire GLUCKSTEIN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS.

It is a very very rough process to go through and you need an honest, experienced, strong, organized team in order to achieve success against insurance and the legal system .

I was a victim of another driver's error and it affected and completely hindered every aspect of my life from my ability to parent , my profession and my ability to compete athletically. It has caused me ongoing PAIN and SUFFERING, GRIEF and TREMENDOUS LOSS and had changed my life FOREVER yet insurance was unwilling to acknowledge the severity of this and tried to ruthlessly flip it back on me by following me with surveillance for 3 years, obtaining every medical record for the last 10 years and having me put through a series of their invasive in house medical examinations.... and then presenting deceitful, violating, medical reports against me.

The defence wants to STOP YOU from receiving what you need and deserve and they will put you through the wringer and wear you down until you want to just give up! Basically you have to buckle up and fight and you need a legal team who will be with you and push the case to the limits otherwise you could end with very little or even nothing.

I am sharing this in order to help victims not end up being victimized by insurance and the system. It is your health, and your life and you deserve compensation.

It is a tough and complex process so please hire Gluckstein to navigate it with you.

Thank you Charles and Gluckstein for taking on my case with integrity and for being so professional, supportive and non judgemental throughout the entire process.

With the most respect, gratitude and sincerity.