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December 2016 Archives

Winter Wonderland: Inclusive, Fun Activities Over the Holidays

It's that time of year when snow has started covering the ground. For disabled people, the idea of snow can be a perplexing one. It can be a beautiful sight when you're warm in the house, watching holiday movies and drinking hot cocoa. More challenging when trying to navigate the outdoors!

Tool Reveals Brain Injury Already Present In Young NFL Players

It comes as no news that athletes of high-impact sports suffer damage to the brain in the later stages of their lives. But researchers at John Hopkins Medicine recently used a combination of medical tools to reveal brain injury and repair activity even in younger players. The findings could move research one step closer to developing earlier interventions in the area of brain injury.

The Holidays are Here! Safety Tips to Enjoy The Season

Keeping safety in mind is the best way to ensure that the season remains a jolly one for you and your loved ones. As winter sports and festive activities begin, it's easy for kids and adults alike to drop their guard. Our post this week provides a few tips.

Young Brain Trauma Discovered Within One Season Of Football Play

A recent study conducted by the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas has revealed just how sensitive the brain is to impact. The study measured brain tissue in high school football players and found worrisome changes after only a single season of play. The study sheds more light the development of brain injury and may contribute to keeping sports healthy for young players.

Brush Up On Your Winter Driving Safety

After an unseasonably warm autumn, it wouldn't be surprising if your winter driving skills feel a little bit rusty right now. With Environment Canada issuing the first snow snowfall warnings for December, we've rounded up a list of tips from the Canadian Safety Council to help you take wise precautions and stay safe on the roads during the holiday season and throughout winter.

MV-1 Vehicles: Built-In Accessibility

You may have driven past one on the road and never knew the multitude of innovations that lay inside the stylish MV-1 vehicle. These wheelchair-accessible vehicles are the only ones to meet or exceed safety guidelines in both Canada and the U.S. As the first of its kind, the MV-1 was specifically designed for wheelchair users and their caregivers. They're an exciting development that is already boosting ease and enjoyment for users across the continent's roadways.
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