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February 2017 Archives

Can Self-Driving Cars Avoid Cycling Accidents?

Studies from overseas have found that drivers are responsible for between 60 to 80 percent of accidents involving cyclists. Such accidents present a problem in Canada as well. Ontario lawmakers have tried for years to reduce incidents of cyclist collisions by toughening laws. Yet, the future of collision-avoidance may lie in an innovative technology: self-driving cars.

Tired Driving - Beware: It's On Par With Drunk Driving

Intoxicated driving is a much-discussed topic when it comes to accident prevention. Lately, tired driving has also started entering the conversation when the issue of road safety is broached. It seems that the dangers of tired driving may be just as acute as the dangers of driving drunk.

The Love between TBI Survivors and Service Dogs

Dogs have a long history as man's best friend, but some are proving to be virtual life-savers for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our post this week looks at a few heartwarming snippets in which service dogs have endeared themselves to TBI survivors.

Let's All Help Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents

Although Wiarton Willie called an early spring, slip and falls due to winter's outdoor hazards continue to pose safety risks for homeowners and visitors alike. According to Brain Injury Canada, over 160,000 Canadians sustain brain injuries every year. Some of these are caused by slip and fall accidents. By keeping our properties safe, we can reduce the risk and avoid preventable accidents for our loved ones, neighbours and visitors.

Nothing Says Happy Family Day Like Penguins!

What's the connection to Family Day? Penguins provide the perfect symbolism -- one the most family-oriented creatures in nature! On February 20th, we will gather together, spend time and reaffirm the bonds that make our families and communities strong.

LAT awards compensation denied by insurance companies

Last week the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) released an important decision in favour of one of our clients that will help other severely injured accident victims. The LAT handles disputes whereby injured individuals have been denied accident benefits by their auto insurance companies. In this particular case, our firm applied to the LAT on behalf of our client, named only by her initials P.L.F.R., because Intact Insurance had denied she was catastrophically impaired.

World's Most Accurate Concussion Test Made in Canada

With a 90% success rate, doctors may soon have at their disposal the world's most accurate technology for diagnosing concussions. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario in London developed this simple blood test. The new tool may be a breakthrough in helping concussed individuals worldwide to gain earlier detection and a better chance at recovery.
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