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Gluckstein Partnership with Lyndhurst Centre Recreational Therapy Program

Gluckstein is incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with Lyndhurst Centre in the purchase of a Cricut machine to further their recreational therapy recovery programs. 

The Toronto Lyndhurst Centre is one of North America’s leading rehabilitation sciences centres. The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is revolutionizing rehabilitation by helping people overcome the challenges of disabling injury, illness or age-related health conditions to live active, healthier, more independent lives. It integrates innovative patient care, groundbreaking research and diverse education to build healthier communities and advance the role of rehabilitation in the health system.

A Cricut is a personal cutting machine to make custom vinyl stickers, unique greeting cards, home décor, custom-designed clothing and much more. It allows people to make their own unique, professional-looking designs by use of a simple computer application.


The Goal

The Therapeutic Recreation Team at Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Centre will use the Cricut as the foundation for an innovative expressive arts program. Patients in the spinal cord rehab program will have access to supervised use of the Cricut during a weekly 3-hour drop-in program. This allows patients time to digitally create their program on the Cricut Design Space application, cut their materials using the Cricut and assemble and complete their project. Projects will be tailored to the individual’s interests. The Cricut allows people of all abilities to create personalized, professional-level arts and crafts projects.


Anticipated Benefits of the Cricut Machine

  1. Functional intervention/fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation through the use of various cricut tools and a variety of materials (felt, cardstock, sticker paper)
  2. The development of new, novel leisure skillsets – patients will learn how to use a variety of materials to make professional-looking pieces of art (for example: décor, clothing, greeting cards and custom stickers). Patients will learn different crafting techniques such as:
    1. Layering materials to create an image – sticky vinyl, cardstock and heat transfer (tshirt) vinyl
    2. Depth images/3D crafts (flowers, shadow boxes)
    3. Project design using Cricut Design Space software
  3. Exploration of meaningful creative projects: patients can choose from a huge variety of projects to make, and each one can be personalized to their skills and interests.
  4. For persons with all levels of ability: designs are made online and are accessible
  5. Offers a home based recreation participation activity: machines can be bought for personal, in-home use. Interested patients can purchase their own machines and continue to make a variety of crafts in their home.
  6. Self-sustaining: patients can assist with creating items to sell at a Lyndhurst craft sale – which will help recover ongoing costs of running the Cricut Program, allowing the team to purchase more craft supplies.