Heads Up! ABI Recovery, Cognitive Rehabilitation 2013 Conference

On Wednesday February 27, 2013 the Heads Up! ABI Recovery, Cognitive Rehabilitation 2013 Conference is taking place. This year’s topic is, “I Think Therefore I Am” Cognitive Rehabilitation for those with ABI. This conference is a full day in Hamilton at the Grand Olympia Hospitality & Convention Centre – 660 Barton Street, Stoney Creek. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers LLP, is a proud GOLD sponsor and of this event. This event features 6 top-notch speakers and this has created much buzz for this event; with a record number of exhibitors! This event is sponsored by Brain Injury Services and its free-for-service division, Step Up! ABI Recovery. This one day conference creates an opportunity for professionals in the ABI community to obtain up-to-date, vital, and comprehensive information. If you would like to attend this event, contact Linda McKenzie at[email protected] or 905-523-8852 ext. 102. You can also visit their website for more information, www.braininjuryservices.com References:

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