Caring for Children with Neurodiversities Pediatric Conference

Having a child diagnosed with a disability or a child who has sustained a life-altering injury can be complex and challenging for many parents and families. Their visions of the future they thought they would have suddenly change, and they need to adapt to their new reality.

This conference aims to touch upon the different advocacy and support themes that may help provide the best care and quality of life possible for a child or youth with neurodiversities. The intent is to assist parents and caregivers by providing them with information and knowledge to help them successfully advocate health care professionals, medical staff, lawyers, educators, and the government for the resources and tools they need. Children thrive when the support system around them is thriving.

**Please note that Dr. Pradeep Merchant's presentation on Premature Babies and Difficult Diagnosis was not recorded. A copy of his presentation is available upon request. Please email us at**