Episode 007: An Advocate for People’s Lives: The Role of a Medical Consultant

Brenda Agnew, welcomes Dianne Henderson, a medical consultant who received her nurse’s training at the Mack School of Nursing. She attended Brock University for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Education. Experience in a wide variety of clinical and nursing settings gives Dianne a rich knowledge base that allows her an understanding of the severity of injuries that our clients face.

Her six-year experience as Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Niagara gave her the advocacy skills required as a Medical Consultant to Gluckstein Lawyers. The additional services that Dianne provides clients of Gluckstein Lawyers are unique to this firm. Beyond the legal expertise, Dianne offers medical insight that assists our lawyers in understanding the client’s degree of disability and impairment. Her knowledge is particularly supportive in “catastrophic determination”.

In today’s episode, Dianne shares the characteristics of her role as a medical consultant for the Gluckstein family. She talks about the awesome Compassion Fatigue Conferences she has been organizing for the amazing frontline workers and the reasons why she has been working passionately for the last two decades to be the best advocate for her clients.