Episode 010: The Role of the Law Clerk with Janet Lebeau

Brenda Agnew, your host, welcomes Janet Lebeau to today’s podcast. Janet has over 23 years of experience as a law clerk specializing in personal injury particularly medical negligence matters. She operated an independent litigation support business for over 18 years. Janet graduated from McMaster University (BA) and York University (B.Ed).

Janet is involved in all aspects of a medical negligence matter, from organizing, collating, and analyzing medical records; preparing chronologies; locating, retaining and briefing the appropriate expert; coordinating evidence; interviewing witnesses; and preparing documents such as statements of claim, pre-trial memorandums, and mediation memorandums; as well as assisting at trial.

She is known for developing a rapport with clients by treating them with empathy and compassion.

In this episode, Janet shares the details of her job as a law clerk, as well as the steps involved in a lawsuit for medical malpractice.