Episode 012: Brain Injury Society of Trauma: Supporting the Community and Raising Awareness (Part 1) with Melisa Vigar and Laura Bellon

Brenda Agnew and Jordan Assaraf, your hosts, welcome you to another episode of Butter Torts, a truly Canadian legal podcast. Today is the first part of a two-part series with Melisa Vigar and Laura Bellon of the Brain Injury Society of Trauma in Toronto.

Melissa Vigar is a Registered Social Worker who has been actively working in the field of Acquired Brain Injury since 2001. Throughout her career, she has provided support to survivors and the individuals who support them both in the non-profit and private sectors. With collaboration and compassion being her focus, she has supervised teams and implemented training and programs in both community and residential settings. She is passionate about improving the quality of life for anyone who has suffered an ABI as well as ensuring that the individuals who support them are equipped with resources, education, and strategies for self-care.

Laura Bellon has been providing services for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury since 2002 in both the public sector and the private sector. She has passionately helped individuals with multiple physical, cognitive, and psychological needs navigate the healthcare system and rehabilitation world. She comes to BIST with a background in Sociology and Education, with certificates in crisis support, errorless learning, and occupational health and safety. Her experience with individuals in the community and within residential programs in the Greater Toronto Area, has helped those living with the effects of an ABI work toward their goals to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.