‌Episode‌ ‌031: Causation Simplified with Richard Halpern

Brenda‌ ‌Agnew and Jan Marin are hosting today’s episode of Butter Torts, A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast. They welcome Richard Halpern as their guest, ‌to talk about causation.

In his paper Causation on Trial, Richard states: “...It is decidedly too ambitious, and assuredly futile, to attempt to craft a flawless paradigm for addressing causation in all scenarios. After all, for decades and longer, every academic and every court that has set out to tackle the matter has failed in the endeavor. Indeed, these failed attempts have actually contributed more to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding causation than they have in resolving it…”

In this episode, Richard redefines the meaning of the legal test for causation and clarifies the subject of how to apply that test in challenging factual scenarios.