Episode 046: Medical Devices and Patient Safety with Brian Moher

Brenda Agnew and Jordan Assaraf, your hosts, are joined by Brian Moher to talk about medical devices, products, and patient safety.

Brian joined Gluckstein Lawyers in 2022. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 2005 and has devoted his career to complex litigation. He has acted as Trial and Appellate counsel with experience at the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as being appointed Pro Hac Vice counsel in the United States.

Brian spent the first decade of his career as a health law defense lawyer in both civil and professional regulatory proceedings. In 2015, Brian started working as the plaintiff’s counsel in medical negligence actions. Brian has practiced as plaintiff class action counsel since 2005. He acted as trial counsel in medical device class actions, including St. Jude Medical v Andersen and Taylor v Canada.