CPD Accredited Podcast: Episode 059: We All Have Gender Identity with Jacq Hixson-Vulpe

Brenda Agnew is co-hosting today’s episode with Simona Jellinek. As we dive into the month of June, we have an exciting lineup of episodes dedicated to Pride Month. These discussions are not confined to a single day or month, which is why they will remain available on Gluckstein's platform.

In this episode, Brenda and Simona have the pleasure of welcoming Jacq Hixson-Vulpe as a guest. Together, they will engage in an insightful conversation about equity, with a particular focus on the pressing issues affecting the trans community.

Jacq brings 20 years of passion and experience to the role of EDI Strategic Advisor at the Ontario College of Pharmacists. At 15, they started facilitating education and training sessions with TEACH which stands for Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia, this experience ignited their lifelong passion for education as a key tool to challenging systemic barriers. As a Ph.D. candidate, a registered educator and someone with ten years experience in Social Service and Community Development, Jacq brings their expertise working alongside community to identify and address barriers to their passion of driving systemic change. Jacq has authored numerous resources of supporting LGBTQ communities in the workplace as well as having more than five hundred education sessions.

This program is contains 45 minutes of CPD Accredited EDI Professionalism content.