Technology in the Legal World: Pre and Post COVID with Dr. Cain Elliott and Brock Chambers

Welcome to our first-ever Vodcast!

In July 2020, Gluckstein Lawyers launched “Butter Torts: A Truly Legal Canadian Podcast.” The podcast explores different areas of personal injury law, bringing important focus to community organizations and causes. Butter Torts is CPD accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for its legal content. You can tune in every other Friday to listen to a new episode, of which some of the programs may contain Professionalism and Substantive content. Each episode is a separate program, so please read the show notes for details.

In this episode of Buttertorts, Brenda Agnew, Client Liaison and Charles Gluckstein, Managing Partner and Lawyer, are your hosts. They are talking with Dr. Cain Elliott, Vice President of Industry Expansion, and Brock Chambers, who works in strategic partnership at Filevine. The four of them have a timely discussion of the role of technology in the legal world, the impact COVID 19 had in legal processes, how Filevine is helping their clients face the pandemic and their predictions for the “new normal.”

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