Changes To Standard Auto Insurance Injury Benefits In Ontario

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Ontario drivers are in for a change once their auto insurance policy renews after June 1, 2016. Please be aware that among the handful of changes, standard coverage limits for accident benefits are reducing. 

The hardest hit area involves the maximum amounts that insurers will cover medical and rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits in standard policies. For claims involving non-catastrophic injuries, the combined maximum total covered for these two classes of benefits will be $65,000 as of June 1, down from $86,000. For catastrophic injuries, which may include spinal and brain injuries, the cap on the total of these same benefits has been slashed by half to $1,000,000, down from $2,000,000.

The above changes affect all standard policies, which means that policyholders do have the option to increase their coverage. This can effectively bring coverage limits back up to pre-June 1 levels, but of course, exercising that choice means paying more in premiums.

To boot, the standard deductible for comprehensive coverage will increase to $500, up from $300. Meanwhile, the good news amidst it all is that insurers are now not permitted to ding policyholders with increased premiums due to minor at-fault accidents.

The decrease in accident benefits coverage underscores the continued importance of lobbying for fair treatment from insurers. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers has long been an advocate for the well-being of injured persons and is ready to provide legal help for you or your loved ones.


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Did you know that car accident victims have their general damages claim damages reduced by a statutory deductible?




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