The Dangers Of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

Child Brain Injury
Written by Charles Gluckstein, Partner & Lawyer & Brenda Agnew, Client Liaison   When a child is the victim of an accident or incident causing traumatic brain injury (TBI), parents and caregivers may feel as if they are powerless. The consequences of pediatric brain injury are far-reaching and have the potential to result in a lifetime of complications. From having access to the right supports, resources, and legal representation is critical, as they navigate their new normal and no family should have to go at it alone.   The Evolving Nature of Pediatric TBI A childhood traumatic brain injury is unfortunately not a one-time event but rather a series of symptoms and effects requiring an evolving degree of management. A child's brain is continuously developing which means that it can be difficult to pinpoint the severity or scope of a brain injury which can make moving forward especially complicated. As a child grows and develops, new symptoms or developmental concerns may present themselves, requiring families and care teams to readjust their treatment plans and expectations.   The Widespread Effects of Pediatric TBI Pediatric traumatic brain injury has the power to change a family's dynamic in an instant. Dreams and goals may have to be put on hold or re-imagined as physical and cognitive limitations are realized and accommodated. As an example, following a traumatic brain injury, a child may find that re-entering a school setting is especially challenging. The effects of a brain injury are not always visible, making it necessary to educate teachers, support staff, and other students on the best way to address the changing needs of the student. Children with traumatic brain injuries may also encounter challenges that a child with neurotypical development may not experience. From difficulties with physical control to behavioural and learning complications, these children require additional support as they grow. Families will need to navigate these unchartered waters as they move from one stage to the next in the recovery and rehabilitation of their child with a brain injury.   The Importance of Prevention In many cases, pediatric traumatic brain injury cannot always be avoided but thankfully there are preventative measures which may help. By teaching children basic concepts such as the importance of playground safety and proper helmet rules, even simple efforts can yield tremendous benefits.   Comments We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts about brain injury in "Leave a Comment" found below. Links >> Increasing Incidents Reported For Traumatic Brain Injury On Playgrounds Source:  


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