Five players on 2018 Canadian junior team reportedly asked to surrender to face sexual assault charges

a hockey Canada player skates on the ice during a game

A recent report by The Globe and Mail states that five players from the 2018 Canadian World Junior hockey team have been instructed by the London Police Services to surrender in connection with allegations of sexual assault.

The players, who have not been charged, have been given an undisclosed deadline to report to the police. This development follows an application made by London police last year, alleging that five members of the 2018 team had sexually assaulted a woman.

Hockey Canada had previously settled with another woman who made similar allegations involving members of the 2018 team. The handling of these incidents has sparked significant criticism and led to leadership changes within Hockey Canada.

Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Senior Counsel, Simona Jellinek comments "I would like to applaud the London Police for paying attention to sexual assault survivors. The fact that these players are being asked to surrender to police, signals that a culture of silence and protecting the behaviours that lead to criminal conduct will no longer be tolerated, regardless of who you are and what organization you are with. These allegations of sexual assault within the 2018 Canadian World Junior hockey team and within hockey in general demand a comprehensive, transparent, and just response. Legal proceeding will play a vital role in holding individuals accountable and ensuring a safe sporting environment for everyone."



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