Get Involved - World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day is October 5

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Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability affecting children around the world, yet it's also among the least understood. World Cerebral Palsy Day seeks to change that. It's a global event taking place in more than 50 countries and Gluckstein Lawyers encourages everyone to get out there and spread awareness, inspiration, and advancement of this worthy cause.

  What Is Cerebral Palsy (CP)?

Over 17 million people around the globe live with cerebral palsy. It's a permanent disability that results from injury to the brain before, during or after birth. The damage can happen through infections during pregnancy, certain blood conditions or oxygen deprivation or trauma from an improper delivery.

Children with CP have an impaired ability to control movement. Damage may be minor - limited to a single limb - or can result in severe impacts requiring 24-hour care.

With better access to information, diagnosis and treatment, individuals with CP and those around them can experience rewarding relationships and rich lives.

Every Neighbourhood Can Play Its Part

The organizers of World CP Day believe that global change starts with local initiatives. The more individuals participate in their own communities, the greater the impact worldwide.

By participating in World CP Day, you can show that you care, that you believe individuals with CP deserve the same rights as everyone else, and that each one has the potential not only to survive but to thrive in life.

Toronto's own THREE TO BE organization is one of World CP Day's sponsors. This intrepid community of parents, scientists, doctors and donors have already provided millions of dollars to advance innovations aimed at improving the lives of children with neurological disorders. Now, the organization is set to share in funding a groundbreaking 5-year, $25-million-study on brain repair and early intervention in neurological disorders.

Interested in making a difference? Visit the World CP Day site to find all the tools you need - placards, T-shirt decals, posters and more - to take part and make a difference on October 5.

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