Gluckstein Driving Gift Experiences -- A Triumph over Adversity

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THANK YOU Message from Gluckstein Lawyers

On behalf of the firm, Charles and I would like to extend our thanks to all who attended our Gluckstein Performance Driving Experience.

Regardless of disability, we feel that this event proved that everyone in society can participate. There really is a lot of ability in the word disability. At Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers we strive to ensure we are enhancing our understanding, compassion and commitment to those we serve. Porsche Canada and Mitsubishi Motors Canada graciously donated the cars used for this event and the performance driving instructors who kindly donated their time and expertise were Rick Bye, Bill Adam and David Deacon.

This event would not be possible without the generous support from the following; Veigel Hand Controls, Megawheelz, Worldwide Security/Schneider Electric, Maximum Independence BP Health, Porsche Canada, Mitsubishi Motors Canada, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and the FEL Insurance.

As this was our first Performance Driving Event, we wanted it to be a private event to ensure we focused on the participants, which enabled us to gift driving experiences to the following children, teems and adults:

  • 2 Gifts for Visually Impaired
  • 4 Gifts for SCI Survivors
  • 8 Gifts for ABI survivors
  • 2 Gifts for Neurological Disorders (including Autism)

This event was not only a chance to drive a performance race car or experience the thrill of the ride on a world famous race track. It was hope, it was triumph, and it was achievement. I wanted to share with you thoughts that Dianne Henderson, Medical Advisor to Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers wrote following the event:

"People typically enhance their appearance by using things such as hair dye, elevator shoes and shape wear to give the impression that one is more beautiful, or taller or shapelier. While most of us have the opportunity to fool most of the people some of the time - the person who must use an assistive devise like a wheelchair, walker, or a seeing-eye dog to travel - can fool no one at any time."

ABI, SCI survivors and visually impaired individuals had the chance to get behind the wheel of a race car, going 140 kilometers per hour. You would not have known that they require aids to get from point A to B and for the time that they were behind the wheel, they had the opportunity to fool most people. Each recipient took their Victory Lap to demonstrate their triumph over adversity, to declare their abilities and their zest for living.

Another touching comment Dianne said was, "Often times we think of a disabling condition to be the end of one's life. For those who participated in the Driving Experience on July 2 - their message is - life is not over!"

Thank you again for participating! Sincerely, Bernard and Charles Gluckstein


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