Gluckstein’s Commitment to Technology Leads to Industry Recognition

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers promotes innovation

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers named a finalist in the 2021 Canadian Law Awards

Charles E. Gluckstein has always had a passion for technology and that passion has paid off with his firm being named as a finalist in the 2021 Canadian Law Awards. Now in its second year, the Canadian Law Awards recognizes Canada’s leading law firms, in-house legal teams, individuals, deals and cases. Submissions were received from firms and legal departments across the country during the nomination phase, with editorial and research teams consulting third-party information to identify standouts in 20-plus categories. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers was chosen as one of five finalists for Best Use of Technology in a Law Firm. The Gold Winners will be announced during an online ceremony on May 20.

A track record of innovation

Charles Gluckstein has long recognized the advantages that accompany innovation. He has worked tirelessly to modernize his practice to meet changing realities and better serve clients. This proactive approach led to a paperless office environment, increasing productivity while enabling secure remote access. “I have always had a keen passion for technology. At a young age I was involved in rebuilding amplifiers and selling Atari software from a storefront on Yonge St. in Toronto”, said Charles Gluckstein. “This later developed as a hobby in building my own computer systems.” “When I became a lawyer, no one had cell phones or believed the internet was going to affect businesses,” Gluckstein added. “I kept a close eye on technological developments and ensured we had a domain name registered before others knew what that was.” Choosing to lead rather than follow, in 2018 Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers was among the first law firms in Canada to implement Filevine, a cloud-based customizable file management software platform with enhanced security measures.  Through Filevine, Gluckstein lawyers can readily access “virtual” filing cabinets from any secure location worldwide. It provides the law firm with access to all cases and documents, allowing lawyers to stay ahead of deadlines, move files forward, and facilitate communication with clients, other lawyers, insurers, health-care providers, and legal support services. Such integrated technologies not only increase firm productivity but allow for more time to connect with clients and build better cases. The advantage of this forward-thinking approach was never more apparent than last year when faced with COVID-19 restrictions. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers was able to seamlessly transition from a traditional physical office-based model to a telecommute-based firm, allowing the entire staff to work remotely. As part of that essential pivot necessitated by the coronavirus, the firm incorporated Zoom into their existing technology portfolio, including video conferencing, webinars, and VOIP features, allowing them to stay connected with clients, experts, and team members. Charles Gluckstein has made the most from emerging technology, integrating other cloud-based software programs into Filevine, including MedChart (for electronic requests for medical records), Tracument (for remote fax, secure send and mail capabilities), and VineSign (for remote electronic signatures) to create a seamless work process. These technologies have resulted in more manageable workloads for staff, while earning high satisfaction ratings from clients.

Using technology to better serve our clients

In addition to facilitating remote access, he has implemented numerous technologies and strategies to facilitate communication with existing and prospective clients. A Client Portal provides people with real-time updates on their cases, allowing clients to review the status of their matter, communicate with their legal team and upload or download documents. The firm has also implemented RingBird, a specialized legal intake and answering service integrated with Filevine that ensures existing and prospective clients can connect with team members even after business hours. “More recently, technology and the development of AI has allowed law firms to focus on client-centered work and analysis without wasting time on administration and management of data”, Gluckstein explains. “The landscape of the practice is always changing, and I believe technology will allow more clients to access legal services and allow lawyers to operate their practices in a more cost-effective and client-serviced manner as AI makes a bigger impact in the next decade.” Throughout 2020, Gluckstein lawyers continued to implement fresh ideas to better serve clients and the broader legal community. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers launched Butter Torts: A Truly Legal Canadian Podcast, which explores different areas of expertise, bringing important focus to community organizations and causes, in addition to being CPD-accredited for its legal content. Last fall, Gluckstein hosted Risky Business, a CPD-accredited Medical Malpractice Conference that was seen by a national audience through Zoom. The conference was designed to educate lawyers and others who wish to learn about the complex nature of medical negligence files, provide a comprehensive learning experience, and encourage meaningful discussion to enhance better outcomes. The firm began working with Brock University last summer to create and implement a client-based iOS and Android app, which will launch in early 2021. The app will provide clients with up-to-date information about the firm, events, and resources at their fingertips. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers has also been instrumental in implementing technologies to stay connected with each other. At the beginning of the pandemic, they started a WhatsApp Staff Group Chat, which provided a place for the staff to connect on personal matters and share a laugh. The firm has also implemented regular virtual town hall meetings on Zoom to keep lawyers and staff informed as to the firm’s progress and productivity, new developments, and upcoming events, but also to serve as a social gathering platform for everyone to stay connected, interact and have some light-hearted fun at the same time.

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