How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Written By: Brenda Agnew, Client Liaison

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of either a motor vehicle accident, the negligence of a property owner, or the fault of a medical professional, you may find yourself confused, scared and unsure of the steps you need to take. These unique and challenging circumstances may naturally lead you to consider whether you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Regardless of how you have been injured, you need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Choosing a personal injury lawyer isn't necessarily an easy task, but finding the right personalinjury lawyer can feel like even more of a challenge because it often happens during an emotional and critical time. A personal injury law firm may claim to be the best, but you need to find the personal injury lawyer who is right for you. When selecting a personal injury lawyer, you want to find an experienced professional who you can count on to be your advocate, who will always be up front with you, who will provide you with the support and compassion that you need, and, most of all, who will get you results. So how do you pick the right personal injury lawyer? In this blog, I will discuss some key considerations when looking for someone to represent you or your family.

Experience and Expertise

Look for a personal injury lawyer that has expertise in the area of personal injury. You will need someone who knows the law applicable to your case and has an in-depth knowledge of the personal injury field. Look for a personal injury law firm that offers lawyers who focus their practices in certain areas of personal injury, like slip and fall claims, motor vehicle claims, medical malpractice claims, birth injury claims, and long-term disability. All-in-all, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side is very important.


Choosing a personal injury lawyer who has achieved excellent results for a friend, family member, or colleague is a great way to find a lawyer. A personal referral can go a long way when searching for someone you can trust to take your case and get results. Word of mouth is often the most effective way of choosing a personal injury lawyer to work with you.

Credible and Trustworthy

Check their reviews before you select someone. Do they have positive reviews on the internet? Do they provide client testimonials or client references? A quick search on Google will bring up reviews, news articles, and other information sources on the law firm and lawyers you might be considering.


Look for a personal injury lawyer who works for a Canadian Lawyer Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firm and has been nominated or recognized as a leading lawyer or has received other legal awards and certifications. It is valuable to ask the personal injury lawyer if their peers have recognized them or other law firm members, and to ask if they have been peer-reviewed. Look for lawyers who other lawyers consider to be an expert in personal injury law.

Trust your Gut

Your working relationship with your personal injury lawyer will generally last several years, depending on the injury you have suffered and the complexity of your case. You will need to find someone who is a ‘good fit’, who you can trust, communicate with well, not be afraid to ask questions of, and who is there when you need him or her. It is helpful to make a list of two or three personal injury law firms, and to meet with their team before selecting your lawyer. You will be able to get a feel for their work environment and personalities.

About Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers

With over 55 years of experience helping personal injury victims and their families, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers has earned its place as a Canadian Lawyer Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firm in Canada. Our personal injury lawyers will work with you to get the proper compensation and support for the physical, emotional, and mental trauma caused by an accident, injury, or illness. Our team of experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyers is here to guide people to become their best selves after sustaining a catastrophic injury. Please reach out to contact our team of personal injury lawyers in Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, and Barrie, whenever you or family members need professional representation.


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