Occupiers' Liability: Stay alert! Avoid Injuries during your Holiday Shopping

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During the holiday season, many people in the Greater Toronto Area spend time in stores shopping for holiday meals, gatherings, and gifts. During holiday shopping outings, most of us are likely to be focused on things on our list, rather than checking for hazards that could result in occupiers' liability injuries/accident.

What is Occupiers' Liability?

A business/property owner has the responsibility to ensure the safety for anyone who visits their premises. They are liable for any accidents that were caused by unsafe conditions on their premises.

There are a wide variety of accidents that could occur in a store; from ill placed displays that become tripping hazards to slippery floors and poorly maintained or dimly lit staircases where it is possible a patron could fall and injury their self.

Sometimes it is falling objects, not visitors to the store, that could result in an injury occurring. Similarly, if materials that are hazardous are left in areas where there is a lot of traffic, someone could be hurt. Stores are responsible for maintaining parking lots and sidewalks as well.

It is important that you are aware of the potential hazards to ensure you do not fall victim to injury during the holiday season. Stay alert to avoid accident and injury during your holiday shopping.

If you sustain an injury while shopping due to something that could have been prevented, you may want to contact a lawyer to discuss an occupiers' liability lawsuit.


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