Parents Of Child Injured At Splash Pad Sue Township

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In a previous post we wrote about a child who was seriously hurt when he wondered away from an Ontario splash pad and onto hot metal doors that were located near the children’s attraction. The doors provide access to the splash pad water jets’ controls.

When the 1 year old stepped onto the metal doors, he was barefoot. As a result,  the bottoms of his feet were severely burned. He also burned one of his hands. In the earlier post we wrote that it was possible that someone in this situation could decide to take legal action. In this post we have an update on that matter.

As the boy continues to heal, his parents recently filed a lawsuit against the township in which the splash pad is located. In it, they indicate the township had a responsibility to make sure everyone attending the splash pad—particularly children—stayed safe. The couple also said they would add other parties as defendants in the case as well, if an investigation pointed to others being responsible for the boy being hurt.

While financial compensation would likely be welcomed to help cover the expenses tied to the injury, money is not the only reason the family filed the lawsuit. It also indicated that it hopes other communities throughout Ontario would take steps to prevent it from happening.

People who find themselves in a situation such as this one need to act quickly to commence a case. In most cases the first step is to hire a personal injury lawyer.



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