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On Remembrance Day, November 11th, as we reflect on our beautiful country, we honour those soldiers who fought for our freedom and acted so selflessly. Gluckstein Lawyers would like to express our profound gratitude to them. With this holiday quickly approaching many are conferring if Remembrance Day should be a National Holiday. Discussions started earlier this year regarding whether or not Remembrance Day should be an official statutory holiday in Ontario. Currently, there are only four provinces that do not recognize November 11th as a statutory holiday - Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. This past summer, MP Rick Dykstra addressed this bill and explained there was "significant push-back" from three different veterans groups, which were not in favour of this legislature. He continued saying;

"They were specifically saying that this is a day, a day of remembrance. It was never meant and never intended to be a holiday. So, we certainly heard that, and it has delayed our process and that was why we sent a piece of the bill to veteran's affairs to get some input from them."

As of now November 11th is still not a statutory holiday in Ontario and it appears that the government will be consulting with Veterans groups to ensure they take all opinions into consideration. Regardless, November 11 is a day we commemorate members of the armed forces, by taking a moment of silence, to show our appreciation for their sacrifice. Lest we forget.


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