Simona Jellinek Comments on Jordan Time Frames, and if They Should Apply to Sexual Assault Charges on CBC News

Headshot of Simona Jellinek, Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual Abuse lawyer Simona Jellinek commented on an Ontario sex assault case being thrown out in an article published by CBC News on November 27, 2023.

This article sheds light on a concerning issue within the Ontario justice system, highlighting the case of Taylor and the unfortunate dismissal of a sexual assault trial due to delays caused by administrative issues.

It is disheartening to hear that 86 sexual assault cases in Ontario have been thrown out due to delays since the implementation of the Jordan ruling. Simona Jellinek, a Toronto lawyer specializing in civil sexual assault cases, raises valid concerns about the application of Jordan timelines and their impact on the complainant. It is crucial to consider the fairness and well-being of survivors throughout the legal process.

Taylor's call for increased awareness, resources, and more situational-based applications of Jordan rulings is essential in addressing the needs of sexual assault survivors. It's encouraging to know that the Ministry of the Attorney General acknowledges the seriousness of trial delays and is committed to addressing the backlogs in the justice system.

This article highlights the urgent need for reforms to ensure timely access to justice for survivors while maintaining fairness and accountability.

Read the full article here.


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