Simona Jellinek Comments on New Legislation's Impact on Victims' Rights in the Toronto Star

Headshot of Simona Jellinek, Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Gluckstein Lawyers senior counsel Simona Jellinek criticized new Ontario legislation (the "Enhancing Access to Justice Act") that aims to enhance access to justice for victims. She emphasized that the government should focus on returning to people the things that were taken away from them, rather than on measures that are already accepted by the courts. She highlighted that some sexual abuse and assault survivors lack the means to sue in civil court or their perpetrators have no resources to pay a settlement, indicating that the current legislative changes do not address the most pressing needs of crime survivors.

Jellinek also questioned the government's grouping of auto theft with more severe crimes such as hate crimes and sexual violence, expressing her view that this reflects the government's disconnect from the reality of sexual abuse survivors' needs.

Read the full article on the Toronto Star website.



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