Sponsorship: HHS Acquired Brain Injury Conference 2016

ABI 2016

Gaining control with innovative approaches for self-regulation, mood, and behaviour. The focus of the 23rd Annual Conference on Neuro-behavioural Rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury


Gluckstein Lawyers are a proud Platinum Sponsor of Hamilton Health Science's (HHS) 23rd Annual Conference on Neuro-behavioral Rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury. We are thrilled for this year's conference topic, Gaining Control - Innovative Approaches for Self-regulation, Mood, and Behaviour.

Conference Goals

Each year this annual conference strives to educate its attendee's on the latest innovative research, findings, and processes. This year HHS has outlined their goals as;

1.  "Enhance understanding of complex issues following brain injury related to self-regulation, mood, and behaviour."

2.  "Learn practical and innovative approaches to these issues as they relate to impact on recovery, community integration, social relationships, health, and rehabilitation."

3.  "Provide an opportunity to network, share experiences and cultivate partnerships."

Topics & Presenters

Advances in Research of Frontal Lobe Dysfunction and Its Impact on Self-Regulation

Donald Stuss, Ph.D., FRSC, FCAHS, O.Ont.

University of Toronto, University Professor of Medicine and Psychology

Sex Differences in Brain Connectivity and Clinical Symptoms of US Veterans

Erin McGlade, Ph.D.

University of Utah, Department of Psychiatry, Salt Lake City

Mood Disorders After Acquired Brain Injury

Abraham Snaiderman, M.D., F.R.C.P(C)

Director, Neuropsychiatry, Brain and Spinal Cord Program, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Aggression after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Loss of Behavioural Self-Regulation

Rodger L. Wood, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology

Swansea University Wales, UK

Social Competence in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

Keith Yeates, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Calgary

If you are attending the conference this year, be sure to come visit the Gluckstein Lawyers team!


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