Summer Safety Part 2: Children And Trampolines

2018.06 trampoline

With summer vacation season just around the corner, we'll look at some of the major risks for children regarding summer activities, and what parents should know before their child participates. Trampolines may seem like a lot of fun, but there are dangers associated with its use. Before a child uses a trampoline, the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) recommends parents consider the risks outlined on their site.

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Are Recreational Trampolines Safe? 

According to CPS, no. But that is an opinion, not a fact. CPS recommends that children, or teenagers, not use trampolines for recreational use. They also state that trampoline parks are no safer than using a trampoline at home. If parents allow their child to play on a trampoline, they advise parents to consider all possible risks associated with the equipment.

Trampolines Are Not All Fun And Games 

The first concern the CPS publication presents addresses the types of injuries children may suffer when using a trampoline. Their list includes items such as cuts and bruises, as well as catastrophic injuries such as blows to the head, and back and neck injuries resulting in severe spinal cord damage. These injuries can be caused by:
  • More than one child jumping at a time
  • Trying different tricks in the air, like somersaults
  • Improper or awkward landing
  • Falling, or being pushed, off the trampoline

Severe Injuries In Children

Children may not know how to articulate the symptoms they feel when they suffer a head injury, such as a concussion. This may cause the effects to go undetected for an extended period. These types of catastrophic injuries can be devastating to young children, as the long-term effects could impede their future development. There may also be high costs associated with the recovery process for brain injuries and paralysis. You may need to consult a personal injury lawyer if the compensation offered by your insurance company doesn't cover what you need to help your child.
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