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Playground Safety Tips

With news of playground injuries on the rise, parents can minimize the risk of injury and focus on enjoying family time spent outdoors. We’ve gathered a list of tips to keep your precious little ones safe as they’re frolicking on the playground.



Start with safe clothing

  • When you dress your child, tuck in stray pieces to avoid loose ends, drawstrings or other dangly garment accessories that can become tangled.
  • Use clothing with clips, not cords.
  • To avoid bicycle helmets becoming stuck in equipment, instruct your child to remove them before beginning to play.

Visit safe playgrounds

  • Look for playground surfaces made of synthetics, sand or other materials that are soft and can absorb the shock of a fall.
  • Suboptimal playground surfaces contain material such as asphalt, concrete, grass, and dirt.
  • If the playground has mulch, ensure that it is deep and loose.

Stay watchful and provide supervision

  • Before using equipment, check that your child is tall enough to reach it easily without dangerously overextending.
  • Ensure your child knows how to use each piece of equipment.
  • Remain near your child at all times.

Enjoy the warmer days ahead with healthy and safe outdoor activities for children.


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