Thank you for your support!

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Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers wishes to extend a warm "Thank You" for all the support received during the "PICTURE IT: What does LOVE look like in Your Eyes" Photo Contest.

We appreciate each contribution! Everyone deserves thanks from all those participants who submitted a photo to all those who registered to vote.Thank you for sharing your special moments, people, and places as well as including heart-warming stories that presented the diverse viewpoints of how love can be perceived from your eyes.

We wish to acknowledge THREE TO BE Foundation for their generosity in promoting this contest on the night of their Stems of Hope Gala 2013 and to all their Facebook followers! Children in our community and around the world thank you!

In our eyes, every photo is a winner!

For each photo submitted to this contest, an additional donation will be made by Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers to THREE TO BE Foundation. The firm was a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual THREE TO BEStems of Hope Gala "Just Be Love" this past October, a wonderful initiative and fundraising event in support of research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders.

View the winning photos and stories> Photo Contest Winners

For the calls and notes from clients, friends and associates we thank you!

Hello, Bernard, I am amazed and feel inspired with the creativity and heart in your organization, as expressed by your involvement in this wonderful Just Be Love Gala and Photo contest! I agree wholeheartedly - If everyone focuses on BEING LOVE in ALL WE DO, we will transform the world! Best Regards, Pilar

What a lovely idea. Regards, Gerri

Charles, I can't make this event but I have donated to the charity. Good for you for your involvement and that of your colleagues and firm.Best regards, Vance

This is a great job your firm is doing! Reema

Dear Bernard, What a great cause, I have had the opportunity to see how neurological disorders can have a huge impact on children, by being witness to a disease called Nieman Pick, a rare disorder that mainly effects children. It is sad to see how these devastating illnesses ravage children and their families. Keep up the great work, Leah

Charles, This is exciting! I have an image in mind too... Looking forward to the details! Stephen

Best of luck with your contest and sponsorship. Research in fields like pediatric neurological disorders is very important. Duncan

Great initiative Charles! Pascale

Great cause, great people (you are) and great promotion for compromised kids and adults.Enlighten me directly and I shall do my best, as you know I fight for these people every day of my life. Paul

Well done, Charles. I was at the gala last year. Great cause! Michael

This is a great idea. Good luck. This a cause dear to my heart as we work with many kids with neuro-developmental disorders in Toronto and York Region. Stephanie

R E F E R E N C E S l


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All donations directly support groundbreaking research, innovative therapies and education for children with neurological disorders.


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