Will Ontario pass concussion legislation?

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As anyone who has visited this blog in the past is likely well aware, brain injuries can be serious and cause problems for the person recovering from it, far into the future. Accordingly, when possible, they should be avoided at all costs. Some legislators are seeking to create laws addressing concussions. If Bill 149 is passed, it would make Ontario the first province in the country to have such legislation in place.

Also referred to as the Rowan's Law Advisory Committee Act, the proposed legislation is named after high school rugby player who died after experiencing a head injury, at the age of 17, in 2013. The law would pertain to brain injuries suffered in the course of participating in athletic activities. Specifically, the proposed legislation would go a long way toward increasing awareness among parents, coaches and participants, of concussions, including their symptoms and available treatments. It would also make it possible for an advisory board to be created. In addition, it might lead to the presence of athletic therapists at sporting events involving teams in the provincial public school board system. This is already a common practice where private schools are concerned.

While the passage of such legislation would not necessarily decrease the number of the concussion producing incidents that occur while playing sports, it may nonetheless have a positive impact on the outcome of a concussion. This is because identifying the injury and obtaining the appropriate course of treatment in a timely manner could lead to a faster and more complete recovery for the person who is hurt. Most would agree that is a good thing, particularly where young people are concerned.


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