Winter Driving Safety Tips for Ontarians

Winter driving

As we move further into the winter season, and the inevitable possibility of snow lingers over Ontario, we felt we should share some winter driving safety tips. These tips are adapted from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) who are doing everything they can to ensure Ontarians are informed and safe this winter season.

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As we prepare for the snowy season, practice safe braking and cautious driving as part of your everyday routine on roads this winter. In an effort to get ready for the winter driving conditions, we have outlined safety tips for a safer winter driving season in Ontario.

  1. Winter Survival Kit - this year please ensure you create a winter survival kit for your car, which should include: winter gloves, jumper cables, small shovel, first aid kit, torch, safety vest, snow brush, candles, water bottles, windshield washer fluid, and non-perishable energy food.
  2. Check weather and road conditions. It is important that you plan your route and check winter weather and road conditions regularly.
  3. Keep your distance from snow plows. Stay a safe distance from snow plows, as snow plow drivers do not always have the best visibility, not to mention they often cause visibility issues to drivers when plowing the snow.
  4. Winter tires are very important to safe winter driving, as they provide better traction and help reduce braking distance by up to 25%. In addition, if you have winter tires you may be eligible for an insurance discount!
  5. Drive slowly and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.
  6. Remove any snow and ice on your car prior to driving is essential. Clear visibility is important - clear mirrors, windows, lights and roof!
  7. Keep your gas tank full!  Having a full gas tank will add weight to your car, assisting you in slowing you down faster.
  8. Keep your cell phone fully charged while travelling, in case of an emergency.
  9. Avoid using cruise control during the winter season, especially on slippery roads, which can become very dangerous.

We hope that these winter driving tips are helpful and keep you safe during this winter driving season.


We would love to hear from you - please share your winter driving tips below!


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