Legal Webinar - After the Settlement: What Does Your Client Need to Know?

Financial management for people who lack capacity is legally regulated. This applies to financial management for children under the age of 18 years and to any adult who lacks the mental capability to manage their financial affairs. Use of money for these individuals is monitored by government organizations and the courts. A “guardian” must be appointed to manage the finances and is accountable for all of their decisions.

As a firm committed to full-circle care, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers understands that the decisions made at the time of settlement, including the choice of guardian and the required plan for the use of the settlement funds (called the “management plan”), will have long-lasting implications. It is important that those responsible for managing the finances of people under guardianship arrangements know what will be expected of them. It is also important that they understand their responsibilities as a person in a position of trust.

This webinar outlines the expectations and responsibilities of guardians. We discuss what happens after the resolution of a personal injury case and what lawyers must tell their clients about guardianship.