CJM and Family’s Story

It is an honour to represent our clients and their families to help them through their healing journey and ultimately come to a resolution. We are grateful to have played a part. Their stories of resiliency inspire us to continue advocating on behalf of injured victims.

This is CJM and family’s Story:

The Gluckstein Team have mastered the ability to remain “down-to-Earth” while maintaining professionalism.

No one wants to go through the physical injuries and damage an accident can cause; however, where there is emotional damage at play it is even more difficult. After the physical traumas healed, it was not over for me. This can be degrading; however, Charles and his team ensured it was not. My grown young adults felt comfortable enough to reach out to Charles as well, when they felt at a loss. Charles and Alison build this network surrounding you so that you never feel alone going through, what can be a challenging, process.

Charles kept me current and was always available to answer questions. When I didn’t agree with an aspect of the case, he listened to my concerns and clarified why a particular strategy or decision needed to be implemented. In reflection, aside from getting me the result I needed to get appropriate treatment that a typical insurance company would not cover, it is those moments I most appreciate.  Had it not been for Charle’s expertise in settling I would still be in constant rehab. Instead, he afforded me the opportunity to attend a world class whole person treatment center. The gratitude I have for every member of The Gluckstein Team is immeasurable.

You are not a number, you are not an amount to be won, you are a person that Charles sincerely cares about. Charles, Laura, and Alison, I am forever grateful for your patience, guidance, and treating me as a part of the Gluckstein family. Your impact has been so great on our family, my now 30-year-old has changed career paths, as she says, ” To be Like Charles, and make a freaking difference in this world” .

– CJM and Family 

 At  Gluckstein Lawyers, our clients are at the heart of our work. We offer full-circle care to injured victims, focusing on resiliency and recovery during their case resolution process. For more information, please  contact us.