The Thibaudeau Family Story.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we have been advocating on behalf of personal injury victims and their families for over 58 years. Our commitment to supporting victims, during and after their case, continues to be at the heart of our firm. We believe a part of our success is attributed not only to our honest reputation and expertise but our commitment to full-circle care. Offering clients full-circle care means support at every stage of their journey to those who walk through our door. It is an honour for Gluckstein Lawyers to advocate on behalf of our clients and we are proud to be a part of the Thibaudeau Family Story. Thank you for allowing us into your lives.

This is their story

"Life is beautiful. Life is also devastating. We are blessed with a healthy, beautiful son, Andrew, who is now 14 and our healthy, beautiful daughter Olivia who is now 11."

"Sadly, our beautiful family suffered a devastating loss in April 2009. We lost our daughter Mia at 3 days old, and her surviving identical twin sister Olivia has cerebral palsy"

"This is all due to the negligence of my care in Canada’s healthcare system. I never imagined that I would be someone who would ever go through the loss of a child. And the loss of a child that was preventable in a country like Canada. What does one do when you now have to plan for the funeral of your newborn baby?"

"I had a 3-year-old son at home at the time waiting anxiously to greet his new baby sisters, and I was healing from a traumatic emergency C-section. I was pumping breast milk and taking it to the neonatal unit at SickKids for a week after Olivia was born, where Olivia was being cared for due to the negligence and complications that I suffered. For weeks and months after our traumatic life changes, my husband and I were so sad, so angry all while still maintaining a new normal and a happy environment for our other two kids. It was so hard. We also did not want this to happen to anyone else."

"By the grace of god, we met Charles. They are professional, empathetic, kind, understanding, and the BEST at what they do. Thanks to Charles at Gluckstein and Olivia’s determination and gumption, Olivia is thriving. She is a happy and healthy 11-year-old girl."

"Olivia is about to enter grade 6. She is bilingual in English and French. Olivia plays the piano, she has monthly physiotherapy and occupational therapy, she engages in lots of group activities, and she has lots of friends. It is because of Charles that Olivia’s future looks better and brighter. Thank you, Charles and all the Gluckstein staff with all of our hearts forever.”