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Linda Hawkins Testimonial

The Linda Hawkins’ Story

Gluckstein Lawyers is a personal injury law firm dedicated to improving the lives of the clients who walk through our doors. Since 1962 our philosophy has been deeply rooted in providing our clients with full-circle care, which is ingrained in our firm’s culture. Sometimes that means listening. Other times it may mean being a fierce advocate on their behalf in the courtroom. We come together, and we continue to foster that relationship in hopes of continuing to be a part of their journey long after their case has been resolved.


This is Linda’s story:


“It is an extraordinarily difficult process to endure – the processing of harmful and inaccurate decisions by an insurance company. So much demand and trauma beyond the accident itself. Appreciated when Gluckstein became involved- felt more informed, less alone- and a good result. Direct work with the rehab team- and very responsive to any questions or concerns. I would recommend!”

– Linda Hawkins