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A Word from the Families of our Holiday Giving Campaign

As we moved into November, Gluckstein Lawyers wanted to do more to bring a bigger giving spirit to the holiday season. We decided to partner with Ability Gives for our 1st Annual Holiday Giving Campaign.


Actively participating in our community is one of our strongest values. Our promise to our clients and community is to offer full-circle care and support. We believe that every child has the right to be a kid, and are committed to helping ensure that every child and person have access to their community.


Making a Difference, in the Words of the Parents of These Incredible Kids

We reached out to the three families we are supporting through our Holiday Giving Campaign, and below are quotes from each family to say how much this campaign means to them this season:

“For Dominic, having this hearing aid means he can hear clearly and will excel in his speech. Having the hearing aid is opening a whole new world for him in regards to communication and new sounds and feeling like he can do anything and be like everyone else and have some normalcy in his life since he has constant struggles.”

Once again thank you, if it weren’t for the donors Dominic wouldn’t be able to have this opportunity.


  • Dominic’s mother Michelle


“My daughter is nonverbal and her only means of communication is using the iPad to request her needs at school. Getting an iPad for her to communicate with her family and friends will minimize her feelings of “being left out”, crying and being upset. She learns more from the app “Let Me Talk” on the iPad she is using at school and it also calms her down whenever she is upset or tired. Having the opportunity to use an iPad at home will maintain consistency in her learning and improve her communication skills.”

Thanks in anticipation.”


  • Chizy’s mother Nnenna


“I’m looking for funding for the winter koolways suit for my daughter, Kadience, who is 8 years old. It’s been complete torture and I’m sure you have heard this before. Trying to put a winter coat and cover her legs at winter in a custom seat wheelchair. We live close to Peterborough and get lots of winter.  Winter is around the corner and we really need this. We have had a few setbacks in life. My youngest daughter just finished 2.5 years of leukaemia treatment. We really appreciate the support!”


  • Kadience’s mother Sheila



Ability Gives: Their Vision and Goal

Ability Gives provides funding to families for items which are not eligible for any other form of funding. Ability Gives partners with families to raise money for items through fundraising initiatives.

100% of the proceeds which Ability Gives receives from donors goes directly to the children they partner with. They bridge the financial gap to make the impossible for families possible.


If this cause speaks to you, please consider joining us to support these wonderful families. You can find the Donation Page HERE.

Happy Holidays to you all!

The Gluckstein Lawyers Team