1st Annual Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors Conference: "Navigating the System".

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Navigating the System is a survivor-focused conference presented by Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein that aims to support survivors and their family members and to educate lawyers, health care practitioners, and others who wish to understand the nuanced aspects of sexual abuse claims. 

Anyone can experience sexual assault - male or female, young or old. Sadly, many survivors of sexual abuse feel like they cannot speak their truth because of threats, or they feel guilty, have fear, and/or shame. For some, the thought of seeking justice is daunting, and the system feels overwhelming. Together, the two factors often are enough to prevent survivors from coming forward to seek justice for these crimes against their sexual offender(s).

This conference aims to change that. It aims to help survivors feel empowered and confident in seeking justice by demystifying various legal processes and offering an overview of care resources available to survivors. A survivor's journey to healing is very personal to them, and their unique circumstances will play a role in what they choose to do and when they decide to do it and this conference aims to honour that.