2015 Toronto Collaborative Neuroscience Symposium

TCNS 2015

The 2015 Toronto Collaborative Neuroscience Symposium (TCNS) is being held November 5-6, 2015 at the Courtyard Marriott in Toronto. This annual educational event brings together health care professionals specializing in the neurosciences from across our Nation. (Formerly known as Krembil Neuroscience Symposium.)


For your reference, please find below some of the presentation topics:



PROGRAM l Thursday November 5, 2015


  • Dr. Laurie Morrison, The FRONTIER Trial (Stroke Care)
  • Dr. Paul Konkgham, Surgical Management, Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumours
  • Nadine Parker, Robotic Cognitive Assessment of Transient Ischemic Attack Patients
  • Maria DiDanieli, Magneto-Electroencephalography, A Non-invasive Neurophysiology Technique That is Enhancing Epilepsy Surgery Panning
  • Kate Davis, Balancing Life with Humour


  • Joy Makari, Antiepileptic Drugs in the Neurosurgical Population
  • Claire Moroney, Soundly Sleeping: Identifying and Managing Insomnia for Patients with Brain Cancer
  • Alisha & Melinda Cartwright, Positive Attitude
  • Dr. Howard Ginsberg, Modern Spinal Surgery in a Busy Level One Trauma Centre
  • Shannon Milburn, Speech Language Pathologists & Awake Craniotomies


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  1. https://sunnybrook.ca/calendar/event.asp?e=978


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